December 2020 update: The National Library has paused any further book sales but we understand that they continue to process books in preparation for disposal at charity book fairs.

The disposal may be on temporary hold, but we have not yet successfully halted the whole process. We continue to work vigorously on this with our many thousands of supporters and will do so into 2021.

What can you do?

Sign the petition on Avaaz which we will present to the Minister, Jan Tinetti, soon.

Write to the Minister of Internal Affairs who has responsibility for the National Library. Write to telling her why you believe that the Overseas Published Collections in the National Library should be carefully reviewed by subject experts before any books are disposed of.

Write to your local newspaper, or the New Zealand Listener, setting out your views and asking others to support the campaign.

Talk to friends, neighbours, fellow book lovers, about why this matters!

Volunteer to help with this campaign – there are research and other tasks you can help with. Contact us on

Or use the contact form on this website.

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