Is the National Library’s current consultation on a draft removal and diposals policy for real? That’s the first question the Book Guardians (BGA) will be asking when we meet with National Library (NL) representatives on April 28.

BGA is currently working on developing some succinct questions under the headings:

  1. Status of the consultation
  1. Scope of the consultation
  1. Process of the consultation
  1. Public purpose and national role of the Library
  1. Availability and access issues
  1. Disinformation requiring correction

The full questions and the responses we get will be published here as soon after the consultation meeting as possible.

Meanwhile, if you want to make your own submission on the policy, you can read it here The Library wants you to answer a four question survey before providing any additional written feedback on line, and/or you can also send formal written feedback via email to

The deadline for either process is Friday May 12, 2023.

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