Book Guardians Aotearoa (BGA) was delighted to hear on November 29 that the National Library (NL) is pressing pause on its deeply controversial deal with the Internet Archive to take over 400,000 books out of New Zealand – never to return. You can read the NL’s explanation of this action in its media release, most of which is also reproduced in the November 29 Stuff article National Library hits pause on Internet Archive deal days before deadline The article also contains comments by those who have opposed the deal from the beginning, and are pleased to see the NL starting to reconsider.

For how far that reconsideration needs to go, and what the NL should do next, read BGA’s views at National Library ‘reconsiders’ Internet Archive deal – what next?  BGA will be developing a full proposal on what needs to happen next to ensure that the books that are still (alas) destined to be totally disposed of stay in New Zealand, and a proper process for determining which ones should and must stay in the NL is followed. If you can contribute to this proposal by offering your time and your subject expertise to evaluate books in your speciality area, please get in touch. email:

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