That is what is being done to us by National Library management, as Brian Easton notes, and by the management of Radio New Zealand also.

Brian Easton is writing here about the future of Radio New Zealand, but as he notes, much the same destruction is occurring at National Library and Archives. The National Library management claims to have consulted with its users, but is unable to state who those users are – and in fact, they have not, because to do so would give an answer that they don’t want to hear. They are hearing this now, thanks to our efforts, but carrying on heedless of clearly expressed public concerns.

As Brian rightly observes, it is as it always is – the people of New Zealand stuck in a corner and covered in muck (aka spin).This public service practice arose in the Roger Douglas era and continues to this day; some think we have left neoliberalism behind, but we have not, in fact its adherents foist this sterile ideology on us with more vigour than ever.

The arts and culture sector is now on the list for their slicing knives. Please write to Minister Jan Tinetti and let her know that you want our wonderful asset, the National Library book collection, to remain in public ownership and not be privatised against the wishes of the people of NZ.

We have never been asked. We refuse to be shoved into a corner and covered in muck.

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